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The 12 Prisons – Part 37: The Prison of Religion & Gurus

Steve Brown September 02 2011

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One Response to “The 12 Prisons – Part 37: The Prison of Religion & Gurus”

  1. our Pastors do need all the help they can get, along with our personal prayers and love and concern. After all, they are our earthly shepherds on this earth. Our heavenly shepherd has given them a tought job. They watch out for our eternal sousl. Just remember that old satan, is out there trying to steal or lure the sheep away. Good Shepherds have to alway be on guard to keep up the the True Word, and not preach society gospel, like so many are doing for the mighty buck. I see those on T,V. that live in houses longer than whole blocks and run their water when others have to retrict watering their lawns . And besides having their own planes to go wherever they please. Thank Pastor Steve for helping keep our pastors a place where they can go. Just thinking out loud, something very close to my heart. Rose Schmalzried.

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